Employee Vs. Entrepreneurial Mindset

🤯 The most frequent mistake a person makes when switching from being an employee to freelancing or entrepreneurship is the delusional notion that being the best at your job will suffice. It’s not!

🍎 🍋The main difference between an employee and a freelancer or entrepreneur is that now you are in 🎁 the service provider market. This means that you have to build relationships first.

🤝You need to make your client feel appreciated, fulfilled, and happy to work with you. It’s not about ambition. It’s not about being proud to be the best professional in the market.

😃❤️It’s about people, understanding them, and building relations. Human to human. It’s about doing the best job possible and helping your client every step of the way.

🤫This is the real secret of my business. Not #branding. Not #strategy. Not #design. Not business development. Not building #advertising #campaigns or conducting #research for #data. Not even publishing marketing books.

As we go further in time, people think that their jobs will become easier with all the #automationtools. Unfortunately, they fail at one basic thing. Forgetting that they still have to be humans. To communicate the right way. To leave their home problems at the door of their business, even on days when it’s almost impossible.

Don’t make the same mistake!

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