👉Twitter is for “shit posting”
Light content, memes, sarcastic things. Content that can be consumed in a split second. It’s the place to be if you want to say anything, good or bad. No restrictions.

👉Facebook is for wasting time online
See what people are doing. Keeping in touch with your neighbors, friends, or relatives. The groups, which act like small forums, are the treasure of this platform.

👉Pinterest is for being inspired
Making visual boards, finding craft ideas, or finding cool products to buy.

👉Instagram is for dating.
People are chasing attractive people, or you can use it like Pinterest.

👉LinkedIn is for professional-quality content
Because this is a professional platform, people share quality content. They want to impress the employer or get clients. So the content is top-notch.
Here is the place where people are actually reading to get inspired to create for themselves some posts as good as yours, to find out what’s new in your professional life, or to get to know you and connect.

👉YouTube is the new TV
Long-form videos for anything can be found on YouTube. People use this platform for listening to music, learning new skills, education, or even politics.

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