✨ Storing values has been a problem for humanity since the start of our civilization. We made so many attempts to solve it, but they worked only for a short period of time. The breaking point of all attempts was always choosing a physical object that was scarce at that moment.

💡 But what about the ones that are not scarce? What about the idea that value exists when it does not? The diamond seems to be one of these ideas. Some people say that all the value is a lie, that it never existed.

💎 This splendid stone is so common on earth, but it is always found and kept in dark rooms away from the public so that the price can be high. It was always about #marketing. 💍 Telling an original romantic story (made up 100%) that marked people and modified their behaviors for more than 100 years.

🤖 In the age of technological advancement, I am not surprised that for years we have had a solution to produce diamonds. What’s the difference between a natural diamond and a synthetic or ‘lab-grown’ one? From a purely scientific viewpoint, they’re identical, says gemmologist Dusan Simic.

This shows you that in any #business or #industry, there comes a time when you have to adapt, reinvent yourself, or you will fail. The old ones will try to find ways to stay in the same place. They are not capable of adapting and can’t see that they have already lost.

👉 If I piqued your interest, you can watch the eye-opening documentary about diamonds, Nothing Lasts Forever (2022).
👉 You can also read my book, “Brand. Do what you love.” where I have a full chapter about the history of entrepreneurship, and coincidentally, I have written about how the diamond story was invented by the most emblematic advertising agency Ayer.

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