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Simona Gabriela Buzatu in a nutshell: Senior Marketing Expert, Brand Expert & Digital Business Adviser. Creator, published author, educator, and entrepreneur. My mission is to help business-oriented people discover, enhance, and realize their vision and goals.

marketing expert
marketing expert

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with many well-known international brands, agencies, organizations, and media outlets, as well as with public figures and business owners.

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Marketing Expert, Business Adviser, Brand Educator, content creator, author.

Are you tired of managing complex tasks by yourself and constantly finding new methods for starting, growing, pivoting, or exiting your business? Working in and for your business is exhausting.

I can be your partner, from idea to implementation and beyond, throughout the whole life of your business.

business adviser
business adviser

In 2003  I started my own business and, over time, have managed to build a Full-Service Digital Agency, Artvisiona, the one-stop-shop solution for busy entrepreneurs. For the past years, I have been working with people to set up specific, self-disciplined, business-oriented systems that have made it easy to manage and grow their companies while leading them to a happier, more fulfilling life.

In addition, I oversee the Artvisiona team, which serves as the outsourced marketing division for numerous businesses.

outsourced marketing division
outsource marketing branding content creation services

My approach to business is multidisciplinary, focusing on psychology & philosophy, because understanding how people think and using that knowledge with ethics will help you build a strong and long-lasting business in any environment and culture.


Latest Posts

To AI or not to AI for content creation

To A.I. or not to A.I. for content creation?

For a long time, I wanted to write about this subject. It’s something so new that I hesitated to draw a definitive conclusion. Still is, but I guess now is a better time than last year. Like you, I have gone through all the emotions possible. First reject. Then panic.…

branding is like an aquarium

Branding is like an aquarium

What I learned from having an aquarium and how does this resemble a branding process? 1. Starting phase: Research. A lot of research Starting an aquarium takes an initial three weeks. You have to invest your time and energy, not knowing if it will work out in the end. It’s…

Do you need or do you want?

Do you need or do you want?

People think through the lens of their wants. 👉I want a great family 👉I want to go on vacation 👉I want to go to dinner 👉I want that new phone 👉I want a great home and to travel the world. This lens gives us only sadness because it does not…

Marketing Expert, Business Adviser, Brand Educator, Content Creator, Marketing Author, Brand Author.