In recent years I have been organizing a series of workshops, webinars and programs for entrepreneurs, companies and employees.

Workshop dedicated to those that wish to have employers that can understand and care about the company brand. It is carried out with a maximum of 10 employees, online or at the client’s headquarters if it is located in Bucharest.  

Orientation webinar through which entrepreneurs get acquainted with the most used terms and recent trends in the field so that they can better communicate with their internal or external marketing department. It is composed of a series of videos on demand, one session of Q&A, and practical exercises. 

incubrand program For start-ups or companies that want to reach the next level, I have tailored the Incubrand program, a self-knowledge system for entrepreneurs in any domain. The program is based on universal philosophical-psychological methods, academic and practical information of global and local branding, as well as a series of interactive tools made toghether with the help of Artvisiona team. In 30 days the program helps us to analyze the business, to outline the right strategy, and in the end, helps us to draw a vision about how to build verbal and visual brand communication.

I am in the process of developing webinars and workshops for students, freelancers, creatives, and mother entrepreneurs. Soon they will all be available online.

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