Navigate the world of information

- Complex made simple -

Are you wondering what is the best approach to start, grow or pivot your business?

Do you have a reputation problem or too many options to achieve your goals?

Maybe you want to create a project or handle a campaign.

The internet it’s filled with information, but experience it’s something that needs to be paired with.


I will help you navigate the vast and complicated world of information. Sometimes a human can help you with more than researching hours to find the answers to your problem. I can give the solution you are looking for not just by reading about that specific topic, but from my own experience of 20 yrs. testing and tweaking businesses online.

I can help you understand the steps forward for:

→ creating a business starting from your idea
→ strategic planing
→ scaling or diversifying your business
→ building or improving a service or product

→ strategic planing
→ branding a product
→ branding a service
→ branding a company
→ personal branding
→ employer branding

→ strategic planing
→ portfolio curation
→ refining your image and reputation online
→ how to set your prices
→ how to sell online

→ strategic planing
→ packaging design and labels
→ web design and programming (e-commerce/presentation site/blog or other)
→ marketing in social media - tips and tricks, the best platform to use now
→ creating digital content (image/graphics/video/audio) for specific purposes
→ making a book from scratch into the final product
→ selling a book
→ audio products (audiobooks, shows, jingles, and commercials)
→ creating a video/audio studio
→ copywriting for marketing or sales
→ how to rank organically in search engines (SEO&SEM)
→ building an application
→ creating and selling a course online

*this are some exemples. If you have a specific other need, just write it in the form below.

Business consulting, marketing consulting, branding consulting, freelancing business consulting. I can give the solution you are looking for from my own experience of 20 yrs. testing and tweaking businesses online. Business consulting, marketing consulting.