I am usually hired to:

⭐ Build local and international brand and marketing strategies for B2B, B2C and B2P business.

πŸ‘‰ Implement the created strategy with my team or lead and direct your creative and marketing team to implement the created strategy.

✏️ Create a brand, rebranding or refreshing an existing brand from A-Z.

πŸ” Enhance brand positioning by finding the best competitive edge.

🎯 Resolve a specific problem: communication, reputation, positioning, product or service.

πŸ“ Train the marketing and creative team for internal brand alignment or other brand and marketing related.

πŸ“– Hold workshops and courses about brand and marketing for employers.

Over the years I had the opportunity to work with many well known international brands, agencies, organizations, media outlets, but also with public figures and small business owners.

A few notable clients: Vodafone, Jiffy Steamer, Ipix, KFC, Romania Libera, National Tv, European Drinks and Florin Chilian.

I created 2 well-known brands in Romania: Hello Donuts (coffee and donuts shop, available in Mega Mall, Park Lake and Afi Cotroceni Bucharest) and Imprinto (printing center, available in 17 locations in Bucharest and another 35 in other cities in Romania).

In general I have long term collaborations with my clients and the most requested service package is outsourced marketing.

Do you want results and are not afraid to try unknown paths?

I am a disciplined creator with a focus on B2B, B2C, B2P data & research that I use to create strategies, brands from A-Z and communication campaigns. I always experiment and find the best edge to promote my clients’ businesses.

Due to my vast experience in the field of web, print and TV, working with over 600 brands, I have thorough knowledge of the technical process, creative stages,Β  and also the implementation process.

This is why I can successfully handle complex projects, starting from the strategy and planning stage, concept, verbal and visual communication, to implementation, coordination, launching, promoting, managing and even 1:1 or team coaching.

I also coordinate directly with many entrepreneurs to monitor the trajectory of the brand and marketing campaigns on a monthly basis according to the strategy outlined together.


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