Simona Gabriela Buzatu
20 yrs. Brand Expert & Digital Business Adviser


I am a curious human. This spark has always pushed me to discover, learn and achieve everything I put my mind to.


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The Beginning

My journey started at the Art School “Nicolae Tonitza” (Elementary School & High School) and University of Art “Unarte” in Bucharest, Romania, where I followed the path of traditional graphic design. I hold a degree in pedagogy, graphic design and textile arts.


In the 2nd year at the Art University, I became very interested in computers and I found my first job as a film editor where I worked for a year doing video editing. Then I had the opportunity to work for 3 years in the fascinating field of television at the National Media Centre, where I created visual effects and motion graphics design for tv shows and commercials.
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Freelance Years

In 2003 I started my own path as a freelancer. Proud to tell you that I was one of the first in Romania.

Filled with hope, dreams, and a lot of enthusiasm, I began working with entrepreneurs worldwide, offering at first graphic design, web design, and coding (flash,html,css) and later visual and verbal communication content, marketing, and branding services. I even got the opportunity to work on two amazing 3D projects for the music videos of Florin Chilian: Ten & Even if, and later created and launched a station identity for Senso Tv, a local television.

Also, in this period I was involved in a major packaging design project for Fortuna Coffee, which they still use, that pushed me to learn in-depth DTP and printing techniques by actually overseeing the whole process in the typography.

My Website Through The Years &
Client Early Work

In time I have managed to build a full service branding agency: Artvisiona

Over the years I had the opportunity to work with many well known international brands, agencies, organizations, media outlets, but also with public figures and small business owners.

A few notable clients: Vodafone, Jiffy Steamer, Ipix, KFC, Romania Libera, National Tv, European Drinks and Florin Chilian.

I created 2 well-known brands in Romania: Hello Donuts (coffee and donuts shop, available in Mega Mall, Park Lake and Afi Cotroceni Bucharest) and Imprinto (printing center, available in 17 locations in Bucharest and another 35 in other cities in Romania).

In general I have long term collaborations with my clients and the most requested service package is outsourced marketing.

My mission is marketing education

branding video series
brand video course

Video & audio on demand

Because I like to teach, but also to find new ways of using my skills and playing with technology, I started in 2011 a video series about marketing, in romanian language.

After some years I took the idea further and made a branding show, Explicobrand, with 28 episodes that were published weekly online.

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products by simona buzatu


In 2020 I published my first book in Romanian: “Brand. The entrepreneurial game at the next level. Theory and practice in marketing”. Using the VARK model to learn I created a multimedia book, 3 in 1: paperback, audiobook, and digital version. Also, through the paperback version of the book, 5 videos can be accessed by scanning a QR code.

In 2023 I launched a more simplified version in English, available in digital format: “BRAND. Do what you love! All you need to build a fantastic personal & business brand”. All the books are available in my shop.

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Worshops, webinars and training

In recent years I have been organizing a series of workshops, webinars and programs for entrepreneurs, companies and employees.  Here are some examples:

Workshop dedicated to those that wish to have employers that can understand and care about the company brand. It is carried out with a maximum of 10 employees, online or at the client’s headquarters if it is located in Bucharest.  

Orientation webinar through which entrepreneurs get acquainted with the most used terms and recent trends in the field so that they can better communicate with their internal or external marketing department. It is composed of a series of videos on demand, one session of Q&A, and practical exercises. 

incubrand program For start-ups or companies that want to reach the next level, I have tailored the Incubrand program, a self-knowledge system for entrepreneurs in any domain. The program is based on universal philosophical-psychological methods, academic and practical information of global and local branding, as well as a series of interactive tools made toghether with the help of Artvisiona team. In 30 days the program helps us to analyze the business, to outline the right strategy, and in the end, helps us to draw a vision about how to build verbal and visual brand communication.

I am in the process of developing webinars and workshops for students, freelancers, creatives, and mother entrepreneurs. Soon they will all be available online.

outsourced marketing division
branding products and services


I am a versatile asset for companies that want results and are not afraid to try unknown paths.

I become a disciplined creator with a focus on B2B, B2C, B2P data & research that I use to create strategies, brands from A-Z and communication campaigns. I always experiment and find the best edge to promote my clients’ businesses.

Due to my vast experience in the field of web, print and TV, working with over 600 brands, I have thorough knowledge of the technical process, creative stages,  and also the implementation process.

This is why I can successfully handle complex projects, starting from the strategy and planning stage, concept, verbal and visual communication, to implementation, coordination, launching, promoting, managing and even 1:1 or team coaching.

I also coordinate directly with many entrepreneurs to monitor the trajectory of the brand and marketing campaigns on a monthly basis according to the strategy outlined together.

I am usually hired to:

⭐ Build local and international brand and marketing strategies for B2B, B2C and B2P business

👉 Implement the strategy with my team or lead and direct your creative and marketing team

✏️ Create a brand, rebranding or refreshing an existing brand from A-Z

🔍 Enhance brand positioning by finding the best competitive edge

🎯 Resolve a specific problem: communication, reputation, positioning, product or service

📝 Train the marketing and creative team for internal brand alignment or other brand and marketing related

📖 Hold workshops and courses about brand and marketing for employers

Do you need to improve your brand? Do you want to finally make a change?
Maybe you have a question or just want to say hello!

Either way, I encourage you to send me a message!